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  • Educate
  • Build Brand
  • Increase Referrals
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Here's What Your Clients Get Each Year from You

  • Full-Year Subscription with Branded Cover Wraps
  • Inside Front Cover Branding

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  • Two Branded Postcards

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Multiple Customized Branding Features

House Beautiful

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What are customer touch points?

Any contact between you and your client is a touch point.

What should you do to get the referral business you deserve?  Stay visibly in front of your clients each and every month, ensuring you maintain your relationship vitality.  Helpful reminders are valuable additions for every business, and smart advertising.

Put Your Business on the Covers of a Premier Branded Magazine

We attach your brand to magazines, creating monthly touch points with your best clients.  It’s engaging and, kept over time, and your clients will appreciate it.

Magazines deliver positive business and personal reactions, reaching your best clients with zero wasted dollars.  It’s a great reminder of your business, all year.

A cover wrap is a 4-page co-branded ‘brochure’ bound to the outside surface of a magazine at the spine. We print on the same cover stock as the normal magazine cover. The magazine logo, address box and disclaimer are also present on front surface of cover wrap, along with your business branding, including your logo.

Two postcards are sent at the beginning letting your client know who purchased their gift for them.  They are timed about a month apart, to announce your gifted subscription, and carrying your branded content with logo.

We’re soon launching gift options for your best client for closing gifts, birthday gifts, celebratory gifts, holiday gifts, and more – perfect reminders of the value you place in your relationship with them, and your appreciation for their business.

Pricing That Scales with Your Clients

Do the math: only $1.93 per touch point, including 24 pages of your branding, and 2 postcards!



$ 29.99 for 5+ clients
Start with 5+ Best Clients & Add as Many as You Want – Add More Clients Later
  • 1 Year Magazine Subscription
  • Personalized Front, Inside & Back Covers
  • 2 Custom Branded Postcards


$ 27.99 for 500+ clients
Start with 500+ Clients & Add as Many as You Want – This Allows You Full Customization of Cover Wraps
  • 1 Year Magazine Subscription
  • Personalized Front Covers
  • Fully Customized Inside Front & Back Covers
  • 2 Custom Branded Postcards
  • Personal Account Manager

The client referral evidence is clear.

3rd Party Research Validates the Vitality of Client Referrals

"33% of sellers recommended their agent 3 or more times since selling their home."
"64% of sellers found an agent through a referral from friend, neighbor or relative, or used their same agent as before."
"74% percent of recent sellers contacted only one agent before finding the right agent they worked with to sell their home."

National Association of Realtors® • 2017 Profile of Buyers & Sellers