You've got questions. We've got answers.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the marketing services we provide.

Start with as few as only 500 customers, prospects, referral relationships and/or locations – your choice. Once you start your platform, you can add any number any time, even one-by-one.  Many clients, for example, add each of their new customers (e.g. just after closing), to initiate their follow-up communication plan and continue them for as long as they wish.  Each new addition starts with its respective month, this continues to a common expire set for your account.  If you advance to new rate breaks, all forward subscriptions are charged at the new lower rate.
  • 500-999 Clients: $29.99 per Customer Annually
  • 1,000-4,999 Clients: $27.99 per Customer Annually
  • For 5,000+ Clients, please contact us at for scaled pricing discounts.

To commence each customer, they’ll receive your branded postcard announcing their gifted subscription from you and your business. It’s a 4-color 4”X6” custom postcard sent First-Class Mail®. This custom postcard announces your gift subscription, lets your clients know what to expect, as well as serving as opt-out compliance, as needed.

We currently offer a variety of magazines, see homepage – and adding new magazines to our portfolio over time. If you have 500+ clients, we can likely get you any magazine you want, although some may require 1,000 minimum to start. Please email Paul Kostial if you have 500+ customers and, you want a specific magazine requested that’s not currently in our portfolio. We will check what’s possible for you, and get back right away for start-up options.

Please allow 4-8 weeks for receipt of the first issue. Timing is 100% based on the time of your order relative to the magazine’s next available start date. The announcement card will land about a week before the first issue, and each issue arrives at the end of the month prior to the cover date, i.e. the September issue of Texas Monthly arrives about August 20-25th, depending on location.  All orders start with the next available issue, unless otherwise requested.

Sign into your account and please fill out the form “Change of Address Request”.  After you submit the request you will be notified that the change has been processed and, if we have questions, we’ll reach out to you via email.

If your client is already a subscriber to the magazine, they will continue to get their subscription, but now it will come with your custom cover wraps until you cease their subscription, then their personal subscription will start again.

You can update an address if a client has moved or relocated, so please fill out the form, “Change of Address Request” under your client portal. Please contact for further info. Once started, you cannot change a recipient from one recipient to an entirely new recipient, due to AAM regulations and compliance.

To add your company logo, please sign into your account and got to “Upload Assets” or if you are having trouble, please contact

Logos Specs: 300 dpi resolution, EPS, JPG, TIF, PDF. We will contact you when your logo has been added to your file.

Since this program is customizing a specific magazine subscription, all subscriptions are non-cancellable and non-refundable. Please contact for further info and/or options, i.e. you need to remove a certain client for a specific reason, as an exception. These are rare, but do happen from time-to-time, as needed.

Your personalized gift subscriptions renew automatically unless you notify us at least 90 days prior to the renewal date. As a convenience, we will email you to remind you of the auto-renewal but with spam, not guaranteed.  You can update and/or modify your customer file annually, prior to its renewal. Dates missed are the responsibility of the customer, as we cannot make individual changes once the file has been placed with each of our magazine partners.

We do not solicit your client for renewal, or for any other reason. We do not sell, rent or otherwise “pander” your clients in any capacity, ever. And, we do not sell or rent any contact information of you, or your client list ever, never.